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Growing your business through the $2 trillion government contract market means finding contracts that your business can compete for and win. OnDemand uses an exclusive system to screen and narrow hundreds of thousands of leads, leaving you with the most current leads that match your business. Try OnDemand today and get started growing your business by $100,000 to $2 million through government contracts.

How OnDemand Works
OnDemand finds government contract leads that match your criteria every day.

Contract Lead Sources
Leads gathered by OnDemand come from all local, state, federal and private sources, including universities, school districts and private corporations.

Sorting Leads
Our staff of trained procurement technicians and exclusive search software pre-screens and targets leads to match your predefined criteria. This process gives you leads you can use the instant you sign up and log in.

Targeting Your Business
OnDemand identifies RFPs, RFQs, projects and contract bids, then narrows them by region and the categories you select. Your selected package (metro, state, national) further narrows leads to fit the region where you do business.

Delivering Current Contract Leads
Once you choose a plan, leads are available to you without delay. Leads are refreshed every few hours to give you the newest leads the minute they are available. Our interface is easy to understand and includes options to search, sort and save leads for future reference.

The Leads Optimizer
We work hard to deliver the best possible leads and have staff available to optimize your leads experience. If your leads are not meeting your needs, a trained professional will analyze your criteria to deliver the leads you need to be successful.

The OnDemand Interface
The OnDemand System Interface is better than the competition because it allows you to view the lead directly and includes a SAVE feature that moves leads into an area where you can return to view later. Leads are also searchable by keyword, further narrowing your leads for easy sorting.

Getting started is simple, just log in to the Member Center and expand the OnDemand section to show your leads. Click the lead to open details and use the + button to add to your saved leads.

OnDemand Packages
All packages give you up to 25 categories to search from (i.e. Construction, Manufacturing, etc.). Also included in all packages is the ability to search and save leads for future reference.

The State/Region Package
The State/Region Package allows you to choose a single state or select multiple states ($7.50/mo. or $70.00/yr. per additional state) to create your own region. The system will draw leads from each state selected. The State/Region Package subscription starts at $39.95 per month or $399.95 per year.

The National Package
The National Package draws leads from the entire country in each category selected. Management tools allow for easy access to the thousands of leads generated by this package. The National Package subscription is $79.95 per month or $799.95 per year.

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