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The National Association of Government Contractors offers education programs, graduate certificates and publications to guide members through the procurement process. The association also provides professional certification for government contractors.
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Search career options, find qualified employees, comply with federal, state and local laws and protect your business with our human resources services. Know who your employees are before you hire.
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Hiring qualified and trustworthy employees is essential for any business. Applicant background checks covering personal and professional history is a vital component in the search to find the right person for any position that needs to be filled. Employees represent your company to affiliated businesses or suppliers, existing clients and prospective customers. Depending on their position, employees may have access to sensitive company data, inventory, and funds from various sources. In the typical hiring process, companies tend to focus solely on the combined criteria of work experience, education and training. The source of this information is usually the applicant.
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The recent jobs report indicates a continued trend of job growth with employment increasing in each of the last 12 months. The last time we saw such an extended period of job expansion was in 2006. The government and economic forecasters expect 2011 to continue the trend with the pace possibly picking up this year. offers the full spectrum of screening options to provide employers with peace of mind with regard to their hiring decisions. Our background checks include verification of the candidate’s employment record, licenses, credentials, references and right to work documents. We also screen candidates for criminal background to help employers keep their workplace as safe as possible.
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Today, a vast majority of employers perform a background check of potential new-hires, and these applicants are required to supply them with their Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This includes their name, date of birth and Social Security number, which is exactly the data needed in order commit identity theft. In such a situation, virtually nothing exists to ensure an individual's data privacy. The typical job applicant is unaware that his or her PII may be forwarded to a data repository or off-shore call center, with virtually no consideration for privacy protection—minus the security that privacy laws in the United States provide. (Note that the European Union (EU) states are an exception in regard to this trend.
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In today's society where trust is paramount to an employer-employee relationship, an employer must shield themselves from negligent hiring practices and ensure that the manner in which they hire an employee is in total legal compliance with local, state, and federal law. Many employers have a human resources department that manages pre-employment background checks including verifying prior employment history, educational achievements, criminal background history, credit checks, and other pertinent information. With so many different laws and statutes governing the practice of pre-employment inquiries, how does an employer remain in compliance at all times with these regulations?
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With the attention on global threats regularly on the rise, I-9 compliance is more important than ever in order to avoid both internal and external issues. Federal agencies, including DHS and ICE, have increased their enforcement efforts and are levying large fines for violations. While often a part of an organization's intended internal control procedures, the larger the company, the more likely it is that something may get missed. Fortunately, this is an area in which technology and outsourcing can make compliance both inexpensive and thorough.
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Security Clearances Down by 12 Percent

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